Let’s go on tour..

After almost a 2 month hiatus, i am glad to be back! Many have bugged me….others have wanted to lynch me for the lack of not having a blog! Let’s just say spammers had their way and they had me tumbling down for a moment there.

I have a lot of work to post, so keep your eyes open. I love my work to be associated with light, thus the above pic. I did a promo shoot for a gospel artist known as Kevo Juice. He is planning to go on tour and as usual, an artist should have a deejay with him for his tours, though not in all circumstances. The shoot was so much fun…i did majority of the directing so best believe we were laughing all the way.

They wanted photos that portrayed the artist and his deejay. I asked deejay gee gee( dj’s name) if he had come with a vinyl record but unfortunately, he hadn’t thought of it (he needs to be whooped for real…how now?). So we had to make do with what was available and my headphones came in handy at this point.

I am slowly loving the red gel of late. It adds a very nice tone to the skin, a kind of tone I normally see on medium format cameras only. I had been wanting to achieve that and finally i have 🙂

Overall, i am glad my skill in lighting has grown tremendously.