Pulse Friday: Shyolimpia

It’s that time again..yes, the pulse cover shoot.

As you can see, her shy nature was quite apparent from the above shot and the rest that are about to follow. But her innocence was crystal clear too 🙂 (or so, i suppose).

I decided to go all out this time with my lighting. She loved the effect too.

The strobe with the red gel was on full power thus the red color being dominant on the image. Well, go get the standard and see which pic made the cover. If anyone is interested in appearing on the cover, you can book a shoot through info@localhost/test.

Ms. Cecilia Mwangi.

I had the opportunity to shoot for pregnant magazine issue 42 with the Nikon D7000 and i have to say, i love this machine.

The white balance was just perfect for me. It does not have extreme yellows like my previous camera, the Nikon D90.

I also love the sharpness from this Nikon. They tend to be so crisp at times i am usually forced to reduce the sharpness level on the camera.

The shoot location was Southern Sun, previously Holiday Inn. Well, I didn’t have the chance to sample their pork ribs but i wouldn’t mind at all.

Cecilia Mwangi was previously a model and so she was really able to work her angles well, as much as she kept saying she had forgotten.

Want to read more on her? Grab a copy of this month’s Pregnant Magazine 🙂

Pulse Friday: Esther Mirigo

As usual, today’s post is about the Pulse cover shoot.

This time round, i stuck to the red gel. I loved the way it made her skin tone appear.

She shall be auditioning for the elite models search tomorrow. I wish her all the best :). I used my typical three light set-up. Enjoy.

The Tunisian experience

Yes, i shoot landscapes and sceneries when i can. I am not known to photograph such but an opportunity came up and i was not about to let it go.

I had been asked to cover a 5 day conference for GSK that was happening at safari park for the first 3 days then later on we were meant to travel to other tourist destinations in Kenya.

I was roaming around safari park hotel as the guests were having dinner. I love capturing sceneries at night, i love the deep contrasts that come with it. Here is where it gets interesting:

I used to see wallpapers with such an effect and wonder how it was achieved. Well, one word: Slow shutter speed.

I later joined the guests where they were having dinner. They ate their sumptuous meal as they got entertained by the safari cat dancers.

On Thursday, we left for a different destination. I really enjoyed traveling to be honest. It felt good to be away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

On Friday, we headed to Nyeri & passed by their national park briefly.

After that, we headed to the Mount Kenya Safari club. That place is so chilly but amazing at the same time. We reached at 6pm and i immediately grabbed my camera and tripod, 70-200mm lens and ready to shoot.

I got to admit the shot above was my favorite. I captured all the scenery shots in raw so that i can use them not only now but in future for other projects.

And that just sums up the whole experience. It ended at the giraffe center.

Portraits of a Bride?

You remember this engagement shoot from my previous blog?

Yes, i finally shot their wedding and all i can say is one word: AWESOME 🙂

I hardly use flash while shooting the make-up session indoors unless i really have to. I had borrowed a friend his 50 mm 1.4 lens. It produces a very nice shallow depth of field.

If there is a moment on that day that i am normally alert, that moment has to be when the bride has just boarded the car from the house. She tends to express so many emotions on her face and during this period and so, i always use continuous mode so as not to miss any moment.

A rock a bye bye.

The wedding ceremony was taking place at the Nairobi Serena hotel. I have never liked their grounds, and i am not the only photographer who shares this sentiment. I have learnt to anticipate moments before they happen, like the one below:

As is becoming the norm, the wedding had so many paparazzi’s that some ended up appearing in some of my shots….grrrrr!

Theirs a trick my second photographer and I learnt from another photographer who normally shoots in Jamaica. It works better if you have a lens with a very wide aperture. This was the 50mm at 1.4.

I always love to capture the bride as they depart. They are normally a tad bit too excited and their faces are always beaming. For some, i hear them sigh in relief once the main ceremony is done.

No more talk. Thanks for dropping by. 🙂

Pulse Friday

When i look back, i really appreciate where i have come from. As to where i am headed, the creator knows better. I am privileged to be shooting the Pulse magazine cover, a magazine pull out of the Friday Standard newspaper.

I love to use gels nowadays, a lot. This time, i utilized the blue quite a bit. I am addicted to the red one though.

Before you start wondering why i have cropped her head, i tend to do it deliberately nowadays. Call it a change in composition.

My light set-up was 3. I rarely use my strobes on the background nowadays unless i want to achieve a white seamless. That way, i am able to avoid unnecessary glares that make the image flat and loss of contrast.

Wondering which one made the pulse cover? Grab today’s copy and have a look.

The ways of the french

I believe that wedding photography is about documenting and telling a journey that culminated into the celebration.

This lady right here was getting married to a french man. Well, let’s just say the guy is good at his game.

I always love to capture the bride as she prepares in the morning. In fact, i always insist that i am allowed to do so. It’s an integral part of the day, not just the wedding dress.

The ceremony was taking place at jacaranda hotel, from the ceremony itself to the reception part. She even had the opportunity to peep from her hotel window as the set up was being done.

And the husband to be was no doubt trying to check out her bride :).

I shall let the story flow from here on, no more talk.