The Janet collection preview

First and foremost, i am glad to be back. Since my site was re-designed, my blog had a few issues which took longer than expected to be fixed but i can say that has all been sorted out now. I had the opportunity to shoot Janet Mbuguah, the very popular news anchor for Citizen Tv.

This shoot is just a preview of a collection, the Janet collection between her and wambui mukenyi. You can see her site here.

I used the red gel against the background and the effect was amazing. I am now an addict of gels, the effect is to die for.

I then changed to the blue gell for a different feel. I just loved the way light bounced off her skin.

I want to play with the gels a little bit more and see the various effects i can get with them.

As we were wrapping up, i asked to take a few close-ups. This shot right her just did it for me. The light distribution quite blew me away.

And finally, i just had to take a photo with her. Memories are made of this…errr…for a photographer 🙂