Fun at a wedding? Oh yes!

December 2011 was busy. Busy indeed i ended up shooting 6 weddings, inlcuding on the 31st. I really had a hard time selecting the photos to post from this wedding, so i have made it as brief as possible (14 more photos) :).

I was called for this wedding 3 days to the wedding day. Luckily, it was on a sunday so you can imagine how tired i was after having covered another on saturday. First, i have to admit i had so much fun, right from the beginning.

The wedding ceremony was at the karen country lodge. It was happening late in the afternoon so i wasn’t worried much about the sun ( My twitter followers know how much i hate it).

The officiating pastor was Gowi odera who normally is a strict time keeper.

In less than an hour, we were done and already headed for the photo-session.

It was fun, so much laughter and joy in the midst of it all.

And the climax of it all is when the maids let the groom fall onto the grass 🙂

They say that the wedding day is all about the bride. Is it true? errr…i shall get back to that much later. Now for the bride’s shoot. I learn’t a few things that i am about to share.

I loved the separation of light between my strobe and the sunlight. The strobe lit the subject while the sunlight provided for the highlight as seen mainly on her shoulders.

And lastly, the bride and groom. Hope you enjoyed 🙂

The Mix Genius.

I had the opportunity of shooting Dj Sadiq towards the end of December. Personally, i am his fan. I love his mixes considering he mixes my kind of music pretty well.

I decided to go all out with my lighting. I used a red and blue gel blended together and a speedlight on camera right.

I preferred it that way considering he is in entertainment and felt it could relate pretty well with his field. If you have gone for any concert or music event, there are always colored gels on stage. Yes, i was aiming for that feel.

He recently had an event on friday the 27th and you may have seen posters with this particular photo 🙂

I loved this particular shot of him with the vinyl record.

And finally, i had to make a few portraits of him without his turntable, only accesorized with his headphones.

And yes, this is the poster i was talking about. To be honest, i love how my images appear on print than on Pc. Why? I just don’t know,not just yet.