Just a few modelling tips.

I have been doing editorial photography for quite a while now, but mainly in studio. I shall do another post of one i did on-location, and with the harsh realities(lessons) i learned.

I had fun with this, like really.I had two models, and the male model doubled as a stylist and model. Shooting a professional model is downright awesome. Marcel never dissapoints, ever!

I have always insisted to many upcoming models that it’s very important for them to know their angles. That will help with capturing the right image and the theme itself.The atmosphere and energy a model brings to the shoot can influence the final outcome. Yes, the model should be able to pose on his/her own, not rely on the photographer. Mastering the white-seamless background has been a struggle. It’s taken me almost a year and a half to get it just right.

But then again, it’s a journey….and a long one this was. But it was worth it. Harnessing your energies into your talent and going for it is just priceless.

Being unique sets you apart from the rest.

Marcel is one model i would pick anyday for a shoot because i know she will bring versatility to the final product. In other words, i am not setting up myself for a major dissapointment.

I know of a couple of good models out there, but i wish for many more to avoid shooting the same person every other time.I hope the points i have articulated will help. Enjoy, i’m off to shoot a two-day wedding.