On-location lighting

Sometime last year, i got the opportunity to shoot Kwame Bonsu for a magazine that well…was not published after all :-(. It was not my typical studio environment so trust me, it was not my comfort zone to say the least.

Initially when i started doing portraits way back, i was a one-light person. As years went by, the ‘highlight’ kind of lighting began growing on me. To be honest, i don’t see myself getting away from this.

The above photo can easily tell my light set-up. You can see how i achieved my highlight on camera left.

You can use the highlight to emphasize certain areas. I got creative and used it above and not on the side as i am used to. Now, back to the shoot of the girl :-).

The trick with shooting outside with strobes is how you balance ambient light with the strobes. It used to be a struggle for me at first but i finally got it.

I just did a fashion shoot for True Love for their July edition so be on the look-out. I shall go into detail about on-location lighting and how i was able to overcome a few challenges that i encountered when I post about that shoot.

Untill then, stay blessed :-).

A few shoot selects.

I’ve done a couple of shoots over the past two months during my break from blogging. I felt it would be nice to share some images as they showcase quite some growth in my art.

The shot below was for sarakay fashions. I recently obtained a 70” octagon for my studio.

I love the way it distributes light, though it’s annoyingly huge.

But it does the job perfectly :-).

When i am doing topless shots, i love to use highlights and a little dodge and burn to enhance the physical features and give the image depth.

Hoping to blog a wedding i shot last month. The images are too awesome. Till then…stay blessed.

Drum Magazine Fashion shoot

A while back, drum magazine contacted me to shoot for their april issue for the fashion section. I have to admit i was a bit hesitant at first because of my previous experiences with some kenyan magazines. But it went well, i honestly can’t complain.

The shoot started at around 1pm, and the sun was quite out there. I hate the sun, especially between 11am-3pm. Anytime before or after that works for me for an on-location shoot.

The shoot was in athi river near daystar university. It’s quite my perfect place because it’s in the wild, quite rocky and most of all, no interruption from anyone.

The shoot was with the current Miss Tourism Kenya, Nuru Ali. I had worked with her before so i knew she could rock it good.

I had improvised a soft-lighter (an umbrella strobe with a diffuser) after, well, the one i was expecting didn’t arrive on time and the shoot had to go on.

I used one Sb-700 speedlite though i had carried another. My plan was to use both of them but well, one did the job…..perfectly.

I love the evening sun because one can do so much with it. For this particualar instance, it acted as a highlight, on camera right.

It was my first time to use the 50mm f1.8 and i have to admit, that lens is sharp, just not at 1.8 :(. I learnt a lot during this shoot, about the industry and how it operates. If they called me again, i would definitely work with them, no doubt.

Stay blessed 🙂