My first Hindu wedding.

Okay. Let me start off by warning you that this shall be a really long post.

Fore the first time, i shot a hindu wedding. I would say i was lucky that this particular one was only two days. Most of the ones i have heard of take a week or so.

I was reffered by a very good friend of mine and a fellow client, Sheilah Isigi of whom i did her wedding sometime back. You can see the post by clicking here

The first day was the main ceremony at her place. There was no officiating on this day.

The bride was such an amazing subject. It was quite addictive shooting her during the make-up session.

And now the main ceremony of the day. The following set is quite hilarious.

Well, just to be clear, i am not an iphone fun BUT i had to get this shot. Come the next day, it started in the morning and not evening like the previous day.

This year has been different for me. I have shot less weddings which is good.

I have been avoiding shooting a wedding every weekend as it was going to bog down my creativity.Wedding photography for me is the hardest ever. Forget commercial.

I have been able to give my best for the few i’ve shot. I’m doing one tommorrow then hopefully stay a while before i shoot another.

Back to the wedding, we then headed to the A.G for the officiating. They are one couple who don’t believe in spending so much money in one day (or two).

With the simplicity of the wedding they really enjoyed it. They were in love and that’s what mattered at that time.

And they said ‘I do’ to one another.

The person at the A.G officiates very fast. Within 5minutes, it’s normally over and done with. I love that.

Next, we headed for a brief photo-session and the groom’s parents house.

Indeed they were in love.

And finally one for the Bride.

A little bit of growth?

Over the past couple of months, i’ve undergone quite a bit of transition in my photography. I’ve scaled heights i never thought i could. In a way, it has affected my wedding photoraphy. More of that shall be on another post on wedding photography. Okay, let’s get to it. Below are photos from different shoots i’ve done.

I am that guy who rarely sticks to one style of lighting.

The following shoot was for a designer for FAFA.

Some more studio shoots.

Stay Blessed 🙂

Paradise Lost Shoot

In the past one month, i’ve had the opportunity to shoot at a very nice serene place in Kiambu: Paradise Lost.

It was amazing. I did shoot two sudanese ladies of whom i have to say have amazing dark skin. The first one was Nancy, who was a contestant in the recently concluded Tusker Project Fame.

I had fun with the lighting. I was using two speedlites. I don’t use powered strobes on-location, unless it’s very necessary.

The place has such an amazing waterfall as you can see from the shot above. There is also a cave which luckily doesn’y have bats, as i had thought at first.

The cage was pretty dark but i love the deep contrast it gave to the images. We went a bit more inside the cage where there was a tungsten bulb. I used a bit of a slow shutter speed so as to capture it and avoid overshadowing it’s ambience.

A couple of weeks later, we were back again. A different model this time.

The waterfall shots were the hardest. I was afraid my flashes were going to fall into the water as i was taking the shots.

Our last shot was infront of a nice staircase. For both shoots, i used my 50mm 1.8.

I may be doing another red cross project next month so hopefully i should be able to post the one i did in Busia last month.

Stay Blessed!

True Love Fashion Shoot July edition.

Once again, True Love magazine called me up to do a shoot for them. I was ecstatic. I love working with this magazine as their shoots are always very well organized.

The shoot was in Nyeri at the tree-top hotel. Well, let’s just say that place is annoyingly cold and the flu i had was not helping matters but i had to give my best.

The shoot went with the theme of Golden Jubilee that the british were celebrating. I have to say that my dream came true on this particular shoot because of one person: The Model.

I had seen this model on some photos way back and i really wanted to work with her. She is versatile and professional, understands what she is really doing.

She is quite versed with her angles too. The shoot pretty much took the whole day. Finally, we had to shoot outside. I have to admit these are my favourites 😀

Overall, the shoot was amazing. The magazine had credited another photographer for the July issue but later apologized. The shoot was by your’s trully.