Breast Cancer Photo-Philanthropy Shoot 2012

Breast cancer is something close to many. I haven’t had an experience with it and i thank God for that. I always love doing photography for a cause and that’s what photo-philanthropy is all about. I had fun with this shoot, especially the gels. I try and take a different direction every year. This was a five day shoot that ended well. The make-up for most of the shots here, if not all, was Tatty Biyaki, a very amazing MUA. I won’t talk further till the end. For now, enjoy 🙂


I remain grateful to Tatty Biyaki for the idea to use male models. It was splendid indeed. I want to thank everyone who participated in this great cause. Stay blessed. More of this photos can be found on my fan page here

Dancing to marital bliss?

This was such an amazing wedding to shoot. Above everything else, they loved to dance and we shall get to that in a few.

And she started with the dancing just to show us how it would go down.

And then she decided to calm down….for now.

This was my favorite shot of all time…heck, for this year. I love capturing the bride just when she has entered the car. There’s normally so much emotion going through her head. I found this unique as i was able to get a shot of her through the car window.

This wedding in particular had many of my friends.

And then the dancing started.

And shared an intimate moment.

And they were all back at it again.

And the crowd had to kwata kawaya.

It got even funnier when he sprayed champagne on himself first.

The photo-session happened in the evening but we had one set back: The rain. So we took it indoors.

It got way better than i had expected since i had my speedlites with me and i could play with them as much as i could.

By mistake, i moved my camera toggle to aperture priority but i like the shot i got still. Felt like in a dream of some sorts.


Stay blessed 😀

A Leon Muli + Ben Kiruthi Affair.

Weddings are supposed to be fun and nothing short of it. Have another of your favorite photographer and it’s double fun.

Ben Kiruthi, a very well known wedding photographer was free during this particular date and I hired his services as the clients had requested a second photographer. I’ll get to his photos sometime later in the post, so keep your eyes open.

Having shot weddings over two years has taught me a great deal of lessons. I took it as a learning experience. But i am glad for the growth and maturity that has come with it.

Kindly observe 😀

I love my 70-300 mm lens. It kinda makes me feel like a sniper because you hardly see me yet at the same time i am taking photos from a distance.

Plus the depth of field is mind blowing.

Ben Kiruthi had his 50mm f1.8 lens with him, so i decided to borrow it and do my usual lens framing.

At the photo-session, i decided to play the background and gave my camera to ben to shoot the whole session. I was the assistant on this one, holding and placing the lights wherever and his work was just to shoot.

A shot with Chris Kirubi.

Please note all the above shots from the photo-session were shot by Ben Kiruthi. You can check out his website here.

Need i say more? The groom was indeed excited :-D.

A Unique collection-House of Virgody

I have shot a couple of male models but i have to admit that Ephy Saint is my favorite. He is one of those models i would recommend any day without thinking twice. Anyway, this was a shoot for a jewellery collection called house of virgody i did way back.

I found them quite unique. It’s not the daily kind that you would find on the streets.

There is talk all over that Kenyans don’t like to invent but imitate exactly the same thing and make business out of it. The model below is also the jewelery maker of and very fine artist of all the jewels you see in this post. Her name is Virgo Melody and you can find more of these on her face book page by clicking here

I loved these images because the models evoked very strong emotions and modeled them pretty well.

Whenever i am approached to do a product shoot that shall involve models, i always try to advise the client to be very choosy about the model they choose.

Ephy has got something else going on with his partner: Kenya Ndula. They make very unique shoes. Check them out here

A Sauti Sol Affair

Goethe institute have a monthly event called the Ngoma Jazz festival. This past weekend, they were celebrating their anniversary and had Sauti Sol and Sage perform on Saturday from 6pm.

I shall post today on Sauti Sol. I loved the light set-up. I love the idea that they made effort as it created the ambiance i had so desired.

It was my very first time to watch them perform live and i was blown away. They were seated all through, no movements at all.

They went on to talk about how their first paying gig was at the same place to whom they’ve become right now. I have to admit, this group has quite the stage presence.

Anyway, I’ve always loved concert photography and i shall be doing more of this as time goes by. No need for flash at all, just available light and high ISO’s 😀

Tase weds Frank

These two are quite the fun couple. It was quite obvious when i met them for the first time. This post was way overdue considering i did the wedding in July but couldn’t post till the client had seen the photos. Here are a series of images from their wedding:

And the evening party 😀