Romance in the city of Nairobi.

DSC_4879 copyI have to say it was about time. For the longest time ever, i have always wanted to do an engagement shoot in town. It was going to take a very not so shy couple, and i finally was able to meet one.

DSC_4887I have to admit though that it was their idea, not mine. I was ecstatic and we got it going.

DSC_4893Just to take you back though, this couple had approached me way back and booked me for their wedding sometime next month. In all my wedding packages, i do offer an engagement shoot as a bonus. When it gets to happen, it gives me a chance to interact with the couple during the shoot and at the same time, i am able to know what to expect during the wedding.

DSC_4899We met in town at 5pm, with the permit in hand just in case the city council were going to harass us. They were quite free and jovial with each other. That was very crucial to get amazing shots of them.

DSC_4911I chose to do very little effects on this photos but more of boosted the colors. I felt the effects were going to draw attention away from the emotion and capture of the photos. As you shall notice, very few photos have any form of effect on them.

DSC_4928 copyWe had fun. I used only one light for the whole shoot as much as i had carried another. I love the city center at night because of its ambiance. It was important i capture the city’s glowing and colorful lights.


I was the one scouting for locations. I have to admit though that it was cold this particular day. I was freezing, literally. At the same time though, i was excited so i was quite focused.

DSC_4956While still on koinange street, there was a casino we spotted where they had these pink fluorescent lights outside and thought it could provide a unique fill light.

DSC_4959I didn’t use my strobe light for this. I felt the light from above did a perfect job.



This is the other part i really loved. I loved how they just got lost into their own world despite the passerby staring and gazing at them.

DSC_5039I was quite particular in wanting to capture the vehicles as they passed by.


And not to bore you any further, enjoy the rest 🙂

DSC_5079DSC_5081DSC_5086 copyDSC_5127DSC_5142DSC_5156DSC_5179

A ‘fairy’ tale affair.

2013 has been amazing in terms of weddings. I feel encouraged to know that my craft is growing and keeps getting better.

DSC_1519I’ll keep on pushing as long i have this ability in me. In my opinion, wedding photography is one of the hardest kind of photography i’ve come to know. You have only a couple of hours in a day to capture the very best as events unfold. It’s a one day event with no intentions of it ever happening again.

DSC_1578And it’s a challenge i have been willing to accept and face. On this particular day, i had to deliver. Let’s see if i did 🙂

DSC_1621DSC_1647Her gown was just gorgeous. It was one of those days you forget you are shooting and get blown away by the gown. I had to get every detail of it 😀

DSC_1671DSC_1673DSC_1699DSC_1833And we were off for the photo shoot. I loved the place. It was different, it was unique.

DSC_2015I have done shoots at Karen country lodge before but not where we used this time. We had done a pre-visit before so i insisted on not using the same place over and over again.

DSC_2018It was after 4pm. The sun was at the perfect position. This place gave the images a fairy tale kind of feel, especially the bride’s photos.

DSC_2036The bride’s maids were quite jovial too.

DSC_2047DSC_2055And more of the bride’s photos followed immediately.

DSC_2069DSC_2072DSC_2090DSC_2095DSC_2097DSC_2159Stay blessed 🙂

A double wedding post.

Well, 2013 is here and i am glad to be back to blogging. Clearly, it’s been months. I’m happy for the new design and better yet, a much better server to avoid the overloads. For this post, i shall do it a bit different.  I shall blog two weddings at a go so stay with me.

DSC_3243A good friend of mine, faith, referred me to the client above and i was able to get the deal. The wedding was in Enashipai, a place i have always desired to cover a wedding.

DSC_7530As for this other one, it was at sovereign suites on limuru road. But first, the preparations.

DSC_3293DSC_7669DSC_7744I really loved the the photo-sessions of these two particular weddings. See for yourself :-).

DSC_3762DSC_8311DSC_4080DSC_8329DSC_4085DSC_8840DSC_4103DSC_8845DSC_4165DSC_8849DSC_8875DSC_8906DSC_8907DSC_8921DSC_8963DSC_9003Just wanted to do it different from the norm for once. Hope you enjoyed. Another wedding blog post coming next week, God willing. Stay blessed.