The changing faces of my Studio shoots.

I started doing studio shoots back in 2010. It’s been quite the journey of learning, making mistakes and growth. My hardest of them all was nailing the white seamless background. I was so obsessed with it but getting it right was quite the uphill task.


I am quite passionate about my work and that meant me going to quite some lengths to learn. I am self taught though. I learnt how to shoot on a white background over the internet. And boy did it take a while.


But guess what? I finally got it right. It’s a skill that stuck at the tip of my finger tips since then. I was just breaking down my journey a bit just to describe where i was coming from. I appreciate journeys, they mold a person.


All in all, it has been amazing with its challenges. I gave me quite the opportunity to shoot different people. I really got to learn people are different too, and that is the beauty about my job: Diversity. Fore example, i got a chance to shoot actors as seen below:

dsc_1418 dsc_1488

Other times, i did family portraits. There was a time i had considered quitting to shoot such though. It has been one of my most difficult. But the emotion captured always drew me back. So i decided to continue doing family portraits after all.

dsc_3546 dsc_4135

My friend in the next picture was very shy. She had never really done a studio shoot before. But she nailed it well, i believe.


Deejays were not left behind on this one.


And so were fashion shoots, i shot quite a variety on this particular category. Gallery urbano have been quite the loyal client, check out their social media pages. They have got quite some awesome collection.

dsc_5545 dsc_5636 dsc_6123 dsc_6152

Shooting a photographer has its level of pressure. You are shooting someone with a keen eye as you so delivery has to be top notch. His name is Kimachia whom i use sometimes as a second shooter for my weddings. Cool fellow he is.


Babies were not left behind on this one either.


And so were some personal shoots, including my friend sly.

dsc_8270 dsc_9048

Some were downright personal, like the most awesome and coolest person i have come to know. It was so amazing capturing her in her element.


So there you have it. I shall still be doing the same kind of shoots, just not in a studio anymore. I am excited since i have had ideas for quite a while that i have wanted to execute for my on-location shoots. Only time will tell. Studio shoots….adios. See you out there 🙂


The changing faces of my Pregnancy shoots.


Pregnancy shoots are just one of my favorite kinds of photography ever. There is so much to capture while the subject being photographed is still. Anyways, i have done quite a number of pregnancy shoots that i was yet to showcase. I would want to blog each shoot individually but time does not allow. I felt it would be best to combine some of my best shoots. Enjoy 🙂

dsc_0119 dsc_0396


I did one in town and look forward to doing more. The buildings in town provide a beautiful backdrop, just don’t shoot near an embassy or you will get in trouble like i did.

dsc_9638 dsc_9649

dsc_5787 dsc_5877 dsc_9742 dsc_9743

So i have somewhat sad news. I shall be closing down my studio at the end of September. Sad to say but had to be done so that i focus strictly on-location shoots. I’ve gotten really nice shots in studio but i always found it limiting and since i am looking to grow my art, i have had to walk away from it. I am excited about this new journey to be honest shooting on-location whether at someone’s house or at an outside location. Well, here are a few of my studio favorite pregnancy shots:

dsc_2452 dsc_2865


dsc_5467 dsc_8681 dsc_9039


I shall miss studio photography for sure. All in all, see you next week 🙂

A Rolf’s Engagement session


Bridgette and Tom were quite the cool couple. Yes, cool. When you notice what is written at the back of their respective jerseys you shall understand. This was my first time doing an engagement shoot lat Rolf’s place and not in the way i had planned.

dsc_6900 dsc_6902

The initial plan was to shoot from 4pm when ambient light is just right, plus the sunset would have been a nice addition. Traffic that day was a mayhem though, so they ended up arriving towards 6pm.

dsc_6914 dsc_6925

By the time they were ready for the session, it was already nightfall. At first, i had suggested that we postpone to the next day but instead, we decided to do a night shoot instead. I simply adapted, something i have had to teach myself over time. It gave me a chance to create something unique and different.

dsc_6940-copy dsc_6941 dsc_6942 dsc_6959 dsc_6961

I love to capture ambiance. The ambient lighting here added for an awesome feel to the images.

dsc_6970 dsc_6979 dsc_6981 dsc_6983

I love it when a couple just get silly and let loose like above, provides amazing moments to capture.

dsc_6994 dsc_6996

I hope you loved the candid moments i just shared with these two. Oh wait, there’s more…

dsc_7066 dsc_7068 dsc_7070

Thank you for your time and please let me know what you think in the comment section. Enjoy your weekend and look out for our next post next week 🙂

A Rugby Engagement?

Hold up! Not so much the engagement itself, more of the engagement shoot. Part of my wedding package is usually a free engagement shoot. It gives me a chance to familiarize with the couple and get to study and understand their chemistry.

DSC_1301 DSC_1309

This particular engagement shoot was one of a kind for me since i had never done a shoot at the rugby grounds on Ngong road. Anthony is a rugby player so getting permission was not a challenge at all. The sun was just right as i started shooting from 4pm.

DSC_1313 DSC_1317

Engagement shoots are very particular for me as it’s a form of bonding session between the couple. My work is to capture that and the chemistry between the two.

DSC_1328 DSC_1337 DSC_1342 DSC_1351

The chemistry Anthony and Diana evoked was just magical. I enjoyed shooting every part of this.

DSC_1366 DSC_1369 DSC_1374 DSC_1388

Now you see why some photographers advise to do sunset shots, like me lol. It’s an idea i never hesitate to suggest to the couple.

DSC_1396 DSC_1413 DSC_1421

We then headed for the bar for some few indoor shots.

DSC_1438  DSC_1448

Aren’t they quite the cute couple? The beauty about them was just capturing them in their moments.

DSC_1467 DSC_1471 DSC_1474 DSC_1476 DSC_1477

Date night too could not be missed 🙂

DSC_1499 DSC_1505

I shall be blogging their wedding soon so keep it here.


The Kiruthi’s Pregnancy shoot

I have been meaning to blog this shoot that i did sometime back in 2015. The Kiruthi’s are good friends of mine and i am always up to the task when they call me up to do their shoot. They chose a very creative location on your way to Narok, beautiful place. The advantage of shooting photographers is that they already have ideas.Gathoni-032 Gathoni-041 Gathoni-044

Ben made me shoot Canon, which is not my favorite brand. They have got good cameras though, i love my Nikon nonetheless. We started at around 4pm, just when the sun was about to settle. The fact that the shoot was smack in the middle of the small town made it even more interesting.

Gathoni-053 Gathoni-061 Gathoni-070 Gathoni-076 Gathoni-094 Gathoni-097

The locals were very cooperative and we had no issues at all. We then set for another location, this time not far from the roadside.

Gathoni-106 Gathoni-121 Gathoni-124 Gathoni-129 Gathoni-136 Gathoni-138

The sun began to set, my favorite time of the shoot.

Gathoni-144 Gathoni-149 Gathoni-153  Gathoni-162

I tried to get as many shots as possible during the brief time we had while the sun set.

Gathoni-172 Gathoni-176 Gathoni-194

We spotted a nice piece of land across the road that we thought we could utilize. This is what we came up with:

Gathoni-202 Gathoni-208 Gathoni-216 Gathoni-226 Gathoni-231

Congratulations to you both on your cute daughter, Imani. Hope you enjoyed the post :-).