Language of light: Part 3

Hi once again. I am grateful i have time on my hands at the moment as the super busy season is fast approaching. For the particular shoots today, i still had to work with the sun both in the morning and evening. But first, let us start with the morning shoot.

The skies this particular morning were not as exciting to my eyes. So, i opted to improvise a bit as you can see above.

I liked how this particular photos gave me ideas for a corporate shoot. Ideally, i shoot corporate portraits against a plain background but i see how possible it is to shoot against a lively background also. Point to note.

As we progressed with the shoot, we got some visitors who usually like riding their bicycles at this location. They had to join in.

Crossing over to the sunset shoot, it got even more interesting.

The beauty about a project shoot is that you get to flex your muscles as much as you can to achieve the desired results. No restrictions whatsoever.

Well, the experimenting never stops so expect more for sure. Thanks for dropping by 🙂

Automotive photography project.

What does a photographer like me do during the election period when the roads are empty? You guessed it, some automotive photography.

Over the past couple of years, i have been privileged to befriend quite a number of people who own performance cars. I am a petrol head myself, thus how i was able to combine my passion for cars and photography together for this project.

With the roads being empty and my friends itching to enjoy the roads with their cars, i asked them if i could do some roller shots of their cars. I had been toying with this idea for a while and felt it was time to execute it.

The weather as of that week was quite sunny so it was predictable to expect some sunset. I had hinted the idea to a fellow photographer and he was excited to shoot with me.

In the back of a pickup, off we went to shoot into the sunset.

Let us just say the wind did not faze us from our mission of getting the appropriate shots. Capturing the shots of the cars while moving was not as hard while in a pickup, or so i learnt. As long as the car is stable, we were good to go.

The weather was in our favor and boy did we make it count. No modifiers whatsoever, it was all about the camera and the lens here.

It was getting dark and we had to wind up. But not before we got a few more shots.

But wait, there’s more.

If you know me, my passion for photography knows no bounds. So if an assignment requires that i be up very early, i intend to be up and be there on time. We met up with two other photographers at around 5.30am for this next shoot.

Behold, the all amazing GTR R35. I shall not bombard you with the specs or i am bound to lose some of you.

A little sideways action and it was a wrap. Thanks for dropping by 🙂