Painting the town red?

Before i even begin, kindly be warned that very funny antics were pulled at this particular wedding. But then again, they had fun while at it.

This was my last wedding to cover with my previous camera model, the Nikon D90.

The weather was looking good that day. If you follow me on twitter, you will know i hate the glaring sun on a day i am covering a wedding, especially a garden wedding.

The couple decided to paint the town red that day, literally.

I remember talking with her and telling her how a wedding is supposed to be a fun experience. As in, have fun while it lasts.

Yes, she was her own deejay. She sang her way to the podium, none of that music coming from a music system.

And when they were asked to verify each other, the bride just had to pull this stunt huh! lol.

My second photographer had carried his 70-300 mm lens so i grabbed it from him and used it for the rest of the ceremony. I loved the depth of field i was getting from the images 🙂

The bride told me they were shy to just kiss in front of everyone, so behind their palm felt like a safe hide-out *whistles softly*

The bridal party was not left behind either, they loved to dance, to be more specific.

The photo-session was very short and rushed so i shall not feature those images. As we left for the reception, i asked my second photographer, Ben Kiruthi, to capture the brides maids waving at us on the vintage car since i was the driver.

I can confidently say i had fun despite the slight headache i got towards the reception but somehow, i survived 🙂



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