A ‘Kiamburing’ Pregnancy shoot.

Some of you may wonder the meaning of the word ‘Kiamburing’. Well, it’s a term used among the petrol head community in Kenya for a car event that happens right after Kiambu, or ‘twisties’ if you are a biker. The advantage of being a petrol head also is that we get to do a lot of spirited drives and while at it, i have spotted quite a few places that i can be using for my shoots.



I fronted this idea to my client and they were up for it. It was my first time but since i had been to this place enough times, picking spots was not that hard. First, this place is cold and has like it’s own weather patterns.dsc_2392 dsc_2403

It was important that i capture the bond during this shoot. That to me is very important. At the end of the day, this family loves and cares for each other and i had to make that evident without forcing it.

dsc_2406 dsc_2409 dsc_2412 dsc_2414

Their daughter could really pose. She was a natural.


Finally, we headed for a spot that showcased the beautiful tea plantation growing there.

dsc_2424 dsc_2427 dsc_2437 dsc_2438

The midday sun that i don’t like that much started to show up and so i had to hurry up. All in all, we were able to get all the shots as planned.

dsc_2445 dsc_2449

The place has so much potential so i look forward to doing many more shoots there. Stay blessed 🙂