A Ms Kibati dedication

I’ve done shoots for Caroline for quite a while now. I remain forever grateful to her for always hiring me to do her shoots.

DSC_0657 DSC_0696She has been one overly persistent fashion blogger i have come to know. But with her bubbly nature, she is quite the perfect candidate for photos.

DSC_1154 DSC_2043 DSC_3175So what you see here is a fashion blogger who has evolved over time. I am happy to have been the person to capture her journey behind the lens.

DSC_3758 DSC_3768I wanted to do this on her birthday but since it is not anywhere close, i couldn’t wait. This blog post is pretty much an appreciation to her for being loyal and letting me capture and tell the story. She is one fashion blogger who of whom i have witnessed come from far. As for what lies ahead, God knows.

DSC_6641 DSC_8544I took some time out to select my best photos from almost each shoot I have done for her. As you can see, they are quite a number.

DSC_8704 DSC_8987She has a website with amazing content on her fashion sense. You can check it out here