A Ngong town Photo session.

It’s amazing how much variety shooting on location can provide you with. There is never shortage of ideas, and this shoot was one of them. Her name is Natasha, a very good friend of mine that i met through one of my many petrol head friends. We had discussed this shoot for quite sometime, and an opportunity finally arose.

She fronted the idea that we do the shoot at her mum’s place at Ngong town. Her mum’s place has got very well grown plantation and i was ecstatic.

I had bought a new modifier a while back for my lights and had never used it. It works best for a single person portrait and she was the perfect candidate.

Nairobi’s weather has been pretty unpredictable of late so i had to adapt to that by continually adjusting my settings. This time though, the sun didn’t interfere with my shots in any way.

Behind all the calm and sweet girl is another side of her. Natasha loves adrenaline. And i mean, the insane type in my opinion. This is why: Bikes.

She is a lover of everything fast, more so bikes. She has plans of getting one in due time and even invest in the best gear.

An hour and  a half later and we were done. I am excited about the places i shall get to shoot in 2017. The year is pretty much over. All in all, see you in the next blog post. Adios.