A Rolf’s Engagement session


Bridgette and Tom were quite the cool couple. Yes, cool. When you notice what is written at the back of their respective jerseys you shall understand. This was my first time doing an engagement shoot lat Rolf’s place and not in the way i had planned.

dsc_6900 dsc_6902

The initial plan was to shoot from 4pm when ambient light is just right, plus the sunset would have been a nice addition. Traffic that day was a mayhem though, so they ended up arriving towards 6pm.

dsc_6914 dsc_6925

By the time they were ready for the session, it was already nightfall. At first, i had suggested that we postpone to the next day but instead, we decided to do a night shoot instead. I simply adapted, something i have had to teach myself over time. It gave me a chance to create something unique and different.

dsc_6940-copy dsc_6941 dsc_6942 dsc_6959 dsc_6961

I love to capture ambiance. The ambient lighting here added for an awesome feel to the images.

dsc_6970 dsc_6979 dsc_6981 dsc_6983

I love it when a couple just get silly and let loose like above, provides amazing moments to capture.

dsc_6994 dsc_6996

I hope you loved the candid moments i just shared with these two. Oh wait, there’s more…

dsc_7066 dsc_7068 dsc_7070

Thank you for your time and please let me know what you think in the comment section. Enjoy your weekend and look out for our next post next week 🙂