A Rugby Engagement?

Hold up! Not so much the engagement itself, more of the engagement shoot. Part of my wedding package is usually a free engagement shoot. It gives me a chance to familiarize with the couple and get to study and understand their chemistry.

DSC_1301 DSC_1309

This particular engagement shoot was one of a kind for me since i had never done a shoot at the rugby grounds on Ngong road. Anthony is a rugby player so getting permission was not a challenge at all. The sun was just right as i started shooting from 4pm.

DSC_1313 DSC_1317

Engagement shoots are very particular for me as it’s a form of bonding session between the couple. My work is to capture that and the chemistry between the two.

DSC_1328 DSC_1337 DSC_1342 DSC_1351

The chemistry Anthony and Diana evoked was just magical. I enjoyed shooting every part of this.

DSC_1366 DSC_1369 DSC_1374 DSC_1388

Now you see why some photographers advise to do sunset shots, like me lol. It’s an idea i never hesitate to suggest to the couple.

DSC_1396 DSC_1413 DSC_1421

We then headed for the bar for some few indoor shots.

DSC_1438  DSC_1448

Aren’t they quite the cute couple? The beauty about them was just capturing them in their moments.

DSC_1467 DSC_1471 DSC_1474 DSC_1476 DSC_1477

Date night too could not be missed 🙂

DSC_1499 DSC_1505

I shall be blogging their wedding soon so keep it here.