A Serena wedding affair.

I did this wedding towards the end of December 2016 and boy i had fun. Nancy had already booked me a while back and had strictly requested for one photographer.

Normally as a service provider, you look out for your clients and get to advise them accordingly. I had warned her of the dangers of having only one shooter. She was willing to take the risk, not so much for me.

Either way, i agreed to her request to be her only shooter. The advantage about this ceremony is that it had only 100 guests, so that made my work easier. I took up the challenge and went with it.

I thought i was going to have a tough time but it was so much fun instead.

The wedding, photo session and reception was happening at the famous Serena Hotel, so time was not going to be a issue at any one point. In fact, i was asked to come at the hotel at 12pm. I had another wedding the previous day which ended late but the late start to this one enabled me to have enough rest.

The groomsmen were in a different room but within the same building so i was able to dash to their room and capture a few shots.

Anyone know these 3 make-up artists? I do.

And they are quite the brand for that matter. Anyways, the bride was done and i dashed outside to capture more of her photos walking towards the ceremony.

Disclaimer: The bridal party are a selfie lovers so don’t be surprised by the number of times i captured them doing so.

You can imagine the back and forth i had to do just to capture every moment. Nothing was to be missed.

The bridal party were looking really good.

And the tense moments began to follow.

And the super tense moment..

While the couple were busy signing the certificates…what do you think the groomsmen were doing? You guessed it…taking selfies.

And it was a wrap.

For the photo session, i utilized every place i could find. This was the coolest bridal party i had ever worked with.

The pool area was my favorite, though we didn’t utilize it as we would have wanted to thanks to Serena but i shall rant about that another day.

These guys were just all kinds of cool, no denying that. I would work with them again and again and again.

We finished the photo session quite fast though, so we had to wait a bit for the guests to finish eating. After they were done, it was time to welcome the whole bridal party into the reception.

Normally, i would post quite a bit of the guests and the bridal party dancing but i feel it shall overshadow something special i am supposed to post at the end of the blog.

Now, here we go. The couple had rehearsed their first dance very well. I was blown away. 

It was very impressive. *slow clap*

The bridal party joined in and the dance just flowed.

As you can see, my work was clearly cut out for me. I didn’t struggle at any one point whatsoever and it went way better than i expected. I left the place a very happy photographer and i am glad she loved the photos.

Cheers to their future together 🙂