Language of light: Part 3

Hi once again. I am grateful i have time on my hands at the moment as the super busy season is fast approaching. For the particular shoots today, i still had to work with the sun both in the morning and evening. But first, let us start with the morning shoot.

The skies this particular morning were not as exciting to my eyes. So, i opted to improvise a bit as you can see above.

I liked how this particular photos gave me ideas for a corporate shoot. Ideally, i shoot corporate portraits against a plain background but i see how possible it is to shoot against a lively background also. Point to note.

As we progressed with the shoot, we got some visitors who usually like riding their bicycles at this location. They had to join in.

Crossing over to the sunset shoot, it got even more interesting.

The beauty about a project shoot is that you get to flex your muscles as much as you can to achieve the desired results. No restrictions whatsoever.

Well, the experimenting never stops so expect more for sure. Thanks for dropping by 🙂

Automotive photography project.

What does a photographer like me do during the election period when the roads are empty? You guessed it, some automotive photography.

Over the past couple of years, i have been privileged to befriend quite a number of people who own performance cars. I am a petrol head myself, thus how i was able to combine my passion for cars and photography together for this project.

With the roads being empty and my friends itching to enjoy the roads with their cars, i asked them if i could do some roller shots of their cars. I had been toying with this idea for a while and felt it was time to execute it.

The weather as of that week was quite sunny so it was predictable to expect some sunset. I had hinted the idea to a fellow photographer and he was excited to shoot with me.

In the back of a pickup, off we went to shoot into the sunset.

Let us just say the wind did not faze us from our mission of getting the appropriate shots. Capturing the shots of the cars while moving was not as hard while in a pickup, or so i learnt. As long as the car is stable, we were good to go.

The weather was in our favor and boy did we make it count. No modifiers whatsoever, it was all about the camera and the lens here.

It was getting dark and we had to wind up. But not before we got a few more shots.

But wait, there’s more.

If you know me, my passion for photography knows no bounds. So if an assignment requires that i be up very early, i intend to be up and be there on time. We met up with two other photographers at around 5.30am for this next shoot.

Behold, the all amazing GTR R35. I shall not bombard you with the specs or i am bound to lose some of you.

A little sideways action and it was a wrap. Thanks for dropping by 🙂

Language of light: Part 2

Introducing part two of my ongoing series. Today we shall be focussing more on working with the sun. But first, here are a few without the sun involved.

One of the biggest lessons i picked from this project was how to make the Sun my ally. Ideally, i used to hate the midday or early afternoon sun.

Not anymore. I have now learnt to utilize it to make amazing images. It gets better when the skyline is dull. I add a little drama to it.

The same day, i shot a bridal gown with the evening sun. It was a whole different experience.

The cold season is here so let me brighten up your day more with these sunset shots.

I’ve got plenty more to share from the project. Should be uploading more soon.

Language of light: Part 1

Hi Everyone. It has been a minute, and for the right reasons :-). All in all, I have been quite busy shooting a personal project besides doing paid assignments.

I shall try to avoid using photography jargon as much as possible so help me God. This project was birthed out of a need to actualize some skills i had learned over the months. For a while i was not really content with my photography and did something about it.

A big part of my photography is lighting. I love to use light to create moods and tones and above all, give the image life. I have learnt so many things in just a month a a half alone of shooting the project.

Personal projects are opportunities for growth for me. Why? Because i can mess up all i want and learn from it. So, let us just say it has not been smooth sailing. What you are seeing here is because i have put in time and a lot of late nights.

Ideally, i am passion oriented. Everything in my life is passion driven, right down to the car i drive. So January came and God amazingly reignited this passion in me that had been burning in mediocrity for a while.

As you can see, i love to use the ‘rule of thirds’. That is another part of my style. I like the subject towards the edge of the photo, so that you get to see the detailed background and other elements of the image.

My photography shall be taking this direction henceforth so expect a lot. The project has been happening for a while and i don’t see myself stopping so that i keep my creativity going.

I have been uploading sneak pics on my Facebook and Instagram page. I figured though that it would only be fair so show more of what i have been capturing. One or two photos is just never enough.

The whole aim of the project was to learn how to work with light creatively, and it has been an interesting .experience. Yes, i am just getting started. The project has hit day 12 so i have plenty of content to share in the coming weeks if not months.

You can always check my Facebook fan page here for more, and my Instagram page @leonphotographer

Until next time, God bless.


A Serena wedding affair.

I did this wedding towards the end of December 2016 and boy i had fun. Nancy had already booked me a while back and had strictly requested for one photographer.

Normally as a service provider, you look out for your clients and get to advise them accordingly. I had warned her of the dangers of having only one shooter. She was willing to take the risk, not so much for me.

Either way, i agreed to her request to be her only shooter. The advantage about this ceremony is that it had only 100 guests, so that made my work easier. I took up the challenge and went with it.

I thought i was going to have a tough time but it was so much fun instead.

The wedding, photo session and reception was happening at the famous Serena Hotel, so time was not going to be a issue at any one point. In fact, i was asked to come at the hotel at 12pm. I had another wedding the previous day which ended late but the late start to this one enabled me to have enough rest.

The groomsmen were in a different room but within the same building so i was able to dash to their room and capture a few shots.

Anyone know these 3 make-up artists? I do.

And they are quite the brand for that matter. Anyways, the bride was done and i dashed outside to capture more of her photos walking towards the ceremony.

Disclaimer: The bridal party are a selfie lovers so don’t be surprised by the number of times i captured them doing so.

You can imagine the back and forth i had to do just to capture every moment. Nothing was to be missed.

The bridal party were looking really good.

And the tense moments began to follow.

And the super tense moment..

While the couple were busy signing the certificates…what do you think the groomsmen were doing? You guessed it…taking selfies.

And it was a wrap.

For the photo session, i utilized every place i could find. This was the coolest bridal party i had ever worked with.

The pool area was my favorite, though we didn’t utilize it as we would have wanted to thanks to Serena but i shall rant about that another day.

These guys were just all kinds of cool, no denying that. I would work with them again and again and again.

We finished the photo session quite fast though, so we had to wait a bit for the guests to finish eating. After they were done, it was time to welcome the whole bridal party into the reception.

Normally, i would post quite a bit of the guests and the bridal party dancing but i feel it shall overshadow something special i am supposed to post at the end of the blog.

Now, here we go. The couple had rehearsed their first dance very well. I was blown away. 

It was very impressive. *slow clap*

The bridal party joined in and the dance just flowed.

As you can see, my work was clearly cut out for me. I didn’t struggle at any one point whatsoever and it went way better than i expected. I left the place a very happy photographer and i am glad she loved the photos.

Cheers to their future together 🙂

Throwback: A Surprise Proposal.

Sometime in the month of October 2016, i had the privilege of shooting a real engagement. There is the usual engagement shoot that we photographers do for our wedding clients, then there is this.

There was nothing scripted about it in any way. I could not do any form of lighting setup as it would have given away the surprise. I had never met the boyfriend but he was quite the cool dude. Calm too he was, despite the jitters.

The boyfriend hatched a plot with his fiancee’s sister on how to make the proposal happen. He was to bring her for a day of salon treatment. She was down for it and i’m sure most ladies would want to be treated like so by their men. Anyways, i got to arrive just as she was having her manicure done. The owner of Aleeza’s executive Spa, beauty and barber assured her that the photos was for the company’s social media promotions. You can check out the place here.

A few of the staff were aware and did a good job to facilitate the process. As she was getting her hair done, look at what follows next.

She then opens her eyes and looks at the mirror, wondering why a group of people with phones and a big camera are capturing stills of her.

It then hit her. His loving boyfriend is proposing 🙂

The element of surprise was real. All this time, i had locked my focus and just kept on snapping away. I didn’t want to miss any moment at all.

It took a while to sink in. She honestly could not believe and did not know how to react.

Overwhelming joy followed and i won’t lie, i was busy smiling behind the camera.

She said yes and he put a ring on it.

The clients at the place were quite elated for them too. I had to literally fight the urge of keeping my camera away and congratulating them. Every moment mattered.

After that, i had requested that i do a small shoot of them right outside the establishment. I found a corridor and away we proceeded with the photo session.

I love to shoot couples in their natural self so posing them was not going to cut for me. But yes, i gave them a proper direction to take. They oozed so much chemistry, you should have seen the envy on my face.

It was only fair i take a shot of the sisters too.

3rd wheeling Yes? No? Ok, bye.


A Soysambu Conservancy wedding affair

I remember how my November started with a bang, thanks to this particular wedding. It was my first time doing a wedding at Serena lake Elmentaita camp. The scenery was beautiful with an amazing view of the lake.

We left Nairobi at 4 am so that we make it early. The place is pretty cold though, but it’s worth it.

I had met the bride like three days prior to her wedding and we were in business. I didn’t really get a chance to give her a brief of my expectations as a photographer but from the look of things, she didn’t need one after all.

Makeup was by the one and only Sunshine balogun. She does some amazing work and you can check out her work here.

The bridesmaids were definitely ready to celebrate the day, and to celebrate they did.

As we headed to the venue, we enjoyed a brief game drive through the conservancy. It got even better during the photo session which you shall see a bit later.

Finally, the lady of the day walked down the aisle.

It’s always nice to see the groom excited. It’s something every bride desires to see and it just makes the awesome mood of the day complete.

Even when exchanging their vows, they couldn’t help but me ecstatic.

Just in case you are wondering why they were struggling to light that candle, it was very windy.

As you can see, it was very intimate and serene too. It’s a place i would definitely recommend for a destination wedding.

And yes, it had started drizzling but not for long. We had our game drive through the conservancy as we headed for our photo session. I went ahead to start the photo shoot, but not for long.

Why? That is because i am not the biggest fun of the midday sun. When i realized it was getting in the way of capturing good photos, i took them to shaded areas. I just like to control the lighting for my photos, not vice versa. I decided to start with the couple shots even as i waited for cloud cover.

The sun was gone and now i could capture more bridal party photos.

And a few more of the couple once again with the lake view backdrop.

From here on it was celebration time.

And more dancing commenced into the evening.

We are truly grateful to this client for giving us the opportunity to capture their memorable day despite the short notice. We had fun and are super excited to capture many more in 2017. I hope you enjoyed the post. Till next time, God bless.

Ps: The unwatermarked images are from my second photographer 🙂

A Ngong town Photo session.

It’s amazing how much variety shooting on location can provide you with. There is never shortage of ideas, and this shoot was one of them. Her name is Natasha, a very good friend of mine that i met through one of my many petrol head friends. We had discussed this shoot for quite sometime, and an opportunity finally arose.

She fronted the idea that we do the shoot at her mum’s place at Ngong town. Her mum’s place has got very well grown plantation and i was ecstatic.

I had bought a new modifier a while back for my lights and had never used it. It works best for a single person portrait and she was the perfect candidate.

Nairobi’s weather has been pretty unpredictable of late so i had to adapt to that by continually adjusting my settings. This time though, the sun didn’t interfere with my shots in any way.

Behind all the calm and sweet girl is another side of her. Natasha loves adrenaline. And i mean, the insane type in my opinion. This is why: Bikes.

She is a lover of everything fast, more so bikes. She has plans of getting one in due time and even invest in the best gear.

An hour and  a half later and we were done. I am excited about the places i shall get to shoot in 2017. The year is pretty much over. All in all, see you in the next blog post. Adios.



A ‘Kiamburing’ Pregnancy shoot.

Some of you may wonder the meaning of the word ‘Kiamburing’. Well, it’s a term used among the petrol head community in Kenya for a car event that happens right after Kiambu, or ‘twisties’ if you are a biker. The advantage of being a petrol head also is that we get to do a lot of spirited drives and while at it, i have spotted quite a few places that i can be using for my shoots.



I fronted this idea to my client and they were up for it. It was my first time but since i had been to this place enough times, picking spots was not that hard. First, this place is cold and has like it’s own weather patterns.dsc_2392 dsc_2403

It was important that i capture the bond during this shoot. That to me is very important. At the end of the day, this family loves and cares for each other and i had to make that evident without forcing it.

dsc_2406 dsc_2409 dsc_2412 dsc_2414

Their daughter could really pose. She was a natural.


Finally, we headed for a spot that showcased the beautiful tea plantation growing there.

dsc_2424 dsc_2427 dsc_2437 dsc_2438

The midday sun that i don’t like that much started to show up and so i had to hurry up. All in all, we were able to get all the shots as planned.

dsc_2445 dsc_2449

The place has so much potential so i look forward to doing many more shoots there. Stay blessed 🙂


The Nyaribo TT Drags and Gymkhana.

As  photographer, i believe it’s important to shoot something that you love, even if you are not being paid for it. With time, you shall get paid for it. I am a lover of performance cars and when an opportunity to capture them comes up, i go out of my way to do that. Nyaribo TT was a first of it’s kind considering no such event had ever been held at this airstrip before. dsc_5116_easyhdr-basic-2 dsc_5127_easyhdr-basic-2 dsc_5129_easyhdr-basic-2

Nyaribo is a few kilometers away from Nyeri town. The weather was just perfect, in particular the details in the clouds. I knew i was going to get such amazing images from this location.

dsc_5139_easyhdr-basic-2 dsc_5150_easyhdr-basic-2 dsc_5163_easyhdr-basic-2 dsc_5176_easyhdr-basic-2

The event was thrilling. The first day was the gymkhana, where you go around cones strategically placed on the track in the fastest time possible. The surface provided quite a challenge considering it had quite a bit of gravel.

dsc_5193_easyhdr-basic-2 dsc_5207_easyhdr-basic-2 dsc_5220_easyhdr-basic-2 dsc_5224_easyhdr-basic-2 dsc_5253_easyhdr-basic-2 dsc_5256_easyhdr-basic-2 dsc_5259_easyhdr-basic-2 dsc_5273_easyhdr-basic-2

It was quite interesting to see these machines being pushed to their limits.

dsc_5293_easyhdr-basic-2 dsc_5300_easyhdr-basic-2 dsc_5306_easyhdr-basic-2 dsc_5314_easyhdr-basic-2 dsc_5317_easyhdr-basic-2 dsc_5320_easyhdr-basic-2 dsc_5338_easyhdr-basic-2 dsc_5404_easyhdr-basic-2

Towards 3pm, the weather started to change. The floodgates of heaven were getting ready to open so the drivers and fans alike had to brace themselves for the worst….or better maybe?

dsc_5440_easyhdr-basic-2 dsc_5454_easyhdr-basic-2 dsc_5467_easyhdr-basic-2 dsc_5482_easyhdr-basic-2 dsc_5490_easyhdr-basic-2 dsc_5497_easyhdr-basic-2 dsc_5514_easyhdr-basic-2 dsc_5525_easyhdr-basic-2 dsc_5532_easyhdr-basic-2 dsc_5537_easyhdr-basic-2 dsc_5558_easyhdr-basic-2 dsc_5590_easyhdr-basic-2 dsc_5604_easyhdr-basic-2 dsc_5651_easyhdr-basic-2 dsc_5653_easyhdr-basic-2 dsc_5669_easyhdr-basic-2 dsc_5689_easyhdr-basic-2 dsc_5698_easyhdr-basic-2 dsc_5708_easyhdr-basic-2 dsc_5713_easyhdr-pro-2 dsc_5717_easyhdr-basic-2 dsc_5729_easyhdr-basic-2 dsc_5731_easyhdr-basic-2

Quite a number of drivers were losing control in the rain but in a good way if i may say so. When the event was over, i went over to the drivers section and decided to capture a few more photos.

dsc_5762_easyhdr-basic-2 dsc_5779_easyhdr-basic-2 dsc_5784_easyhdr-basic-2

Day two was the drags event and boy wasn’t it interesting. The cars we thought were fast were not that fast after all.dsc_5819 dsc_5829_easyhdr-basic-2 dsc_5830_easyhdr-basic-2 dsc_5835_easyhdr-basic-2 dsc_5838_easyhdr-basic-2 dsc_5847_easyhdr-basic-2 dsc_5861_easyhdr-basic-2 dsc_5895_easyhdr-basic-2 dsc_5904_easyhdr-basic-2 dsc_5908_easyhdr-basic-2

When the event was over, i noticed one of the participants in his Nissan Gtr having a go at the track on his own. Let’s just say i had to time this particular shot and guess what? I was able to capture it.