Breast Cancer Photo-philathropy shoot 2013



And I am back. Finally, it’s been a couple of months. I’ve been pretty busy though, no lie. And all my Saturdays in October are booked for wedding photography so you can imagine. Anyway, every year, i always do the breast cancer shoot to coincide with the breast cancer month which is October. This time, i went back to the very original theme. I stepped away from a lot of glamor, i felt it would be better that way. Also, I pushed the boundaries quite a bit on my lighting. If you follow me on instagram, you’ll get to see my thought process till i settled for the gelled kind of lighting. I love what i learned and achieved through this 5 day project. Heck, i even participated so before you start wondering who the male model is in the photos below, that is your’s trully. I had fun, shared a lot of laughter, made new friends. It was purely amazing. I hope to keep on updating my blog more often since i have a lot of new stuff, weddings in particular. I don’t have much to say. Sit down and have a look :-).


DSC_1065 copy DSC_1073 DSC_1119 copy DSC_1150 DSC_4423 DSC_4451 copy DSC_7520 DSC_7532 DSC_7549 DSC_7581 DSC_7612 DSC_7635 DSC_7653 DSC_7694 DSC_7718 DSC_7720 DSC_7745 DSC_7778 DSC_7795 DSC_7823 DSC_7832 DSC_7859 DSC_7882 DSC_7904 DSC_7921 DSC_7958 DSC_7977 DSC_8001 DSC_8004 DSC_8074 DSC_8083 DSC_8101 DSC_8122 DSC_8152 DSC_8179 DSC_8213I really want to thank all the 34 participants who came by for the shoot. I really appreciate. Stay blessed 🙂

Breast Cancer Photo-Philanthropy Shoot 2012

Breast cancer is something close to many. I haven’t had an experience with it and i thank God for that. I always love doing photography for a cause and that’s what photo-philanthropy is all about. I had fun with this shoot, especially the gels. I try and take a different direction every year. This was a five day shoot that ended well. The make-up for most of the shots here, if not all, was Tatty Biyaki, a very amazing MUA. I won’t talk further till the end. For now, enjoy 🙂


I remain grateful to Tatty Biyaki for the idea to use male models. It was splendid indeed. I want to thank everyone who participated in this great cause. Stay blessed. More of this photos can be found on my fan page here

A Unique collection-House of Virgody

I have shot a couple of male models but i have to admit that Ephy Saint is my favorite. He is one of those models i would recommend any day without thinking twice. Anyway, this was a shoot for a jewellery collection called house of virgody i did way back.

I found them quite unique. It’s not the daily kind that you would find on the streets.

There is talk all over that Kenyans don’t like to invent but imitate exactly the same thing and make business out of it. The model below is also the jewelery maker of and very fine artist of all the jewels you see in this post. Her name is Virgo Melody and you can find more of these on her face book page by clicking here

I loved these images because the models evoked very strong emotions and modeled them pretty well.

Whenever i am approached to do a product shoot that shall involve models, i always try to advise the client to be very choosy about the model they choose.

Ephy has got something else going on with his partner: Kenya Ndula. They make very unique shoes. Check them out here

Power Couples

I have a confession to make. Errmm…well…I love doing couple shoots. I bubble with excitement within when i get to do one.

I have mastered the poses for couples. It’s one of those shoots i never struggle at all.

They are a stark reminder that love is alive. In this day and age,love in relationships seem to have taken quite a  different direction but such shoots just provide the desired feel. Anyway, enough about my lecture on love.

So, in my current fashion, i decided to do a blogpost on the different couple shoots i’ve done this year, thus the variation in lighting.

Some of these couples are engaged while others are married. For example, the couple below got married on saturday. I wasn’t able to do their wedding as i had already been booked by another client though i would have really wanted to.

I already have some more ideas in mind for future couple shoots. I want to take a different direction on this as i have realized i have a niche with couple shoots.

Okay, enough talk.

True Love Fashion Shoot July edition.

Once again, True Love magazine called me up to do a shoot for them. I was ecstatic. I love working with this magazine as their shoots are always very well organized.

The shoot was in Nyeri at the tree-top hotel. Well, let’s just say that place is annoyingly cold and the flu i had was not helping matters but i had to give my best.

The shoot went with the theme of Golden Jubilee that the british were celebrating. I have to say that my dream came true on this particular shoot because of one person: The Model.

I had seen this model on some photos way back and i really wanted to work with her. She is versatile and professional, understands what she is really doing.

She is quite versed with her angles too. The shoot pretty much took the whole day. Finally, we had to shoot outside. I have to admit these are my favourites 😀

Overall, the shoot was amazing. The magazine had credited another photographer for the July issue but later apologized. The shoot was by your’s trully.

Drum Magazine Fashion shoot

A while back, drum magazine contacted me to shoot for their april issue for the fashion section. I have to admit i was a bit hesitant at first because of my previous experiences with some kenyan magazines. But it went well, i honestly can’t complain.

The shoot started at around 1pm, and the sun was quite out there. I hate the sun, especially between 11am-3pm. Anytime before or after that works for me for an on-location shoot.

The shoot was in athi river near daystar university. It’s quite my perfect place because it’s in the wild, quite rocky and most of all, no interruption from anyone.

The shoot was with the current Miss Tourism Kenya, Nuru Ali. I had worked with her before so i knew she could rock it good.

I had improvised a soft-lighter (an umbrella strobe with a diffuser) after, well, the one i was expecting didn’t arrive on time and the shoot had to go on.

I used one Sb-700 speedlite though i had carried another. My plan was to use both of them but well, one did the job…..perfectly.

I love the evening sun because one can do so much with it. For this particualar instance, it acted as a highlight, on camera right.

It was my first time to use the 50mm f1.8 and i have to admit, that lens is sharp, just not at 1.8 :(. I learnt a lot during this shoot, about the industry and how it operates. If they called me again, i would definitely work with them, no doubt.

Stay blessed 🙂

Just a few modelling tips.

I have been doing editorial photography for quite a while now, but mainly in studio. I shall do another post of one i did on-location, and with the harsh realities(lessons) i learned.

I had fun with this, like really.I had two models, and the male model doubled as a stylist and model. Shooting a professional model is downright awesome. Marcel never dissapoints, ever!

I have always insisted to many upcoming models that it’s very important for them to know their angles. That will help with capturing the right image and the theme itself.The atmosphere and energy a model brings to the shoot can influence the final outcome. Yes, the model should be able to pose on his/her own, not rely on the photographer. Mastering the white-seamless background has been a struggle. It’s taken me almost a year and a half to get it just right.

But then again, it’s a journey….and a long one this was. But it was worth it. Harnessing your energies into your talent and going for it is just priceless.

Being unique sets you apart from the rest.

Marcel is one model i would pick anyday for a shoot because i know she will bring versatility to the final product. In other words, i am not setting up myself for a major dissapointment.

I know of a couple of good models out there, but i wish for many more to avoid shooting the same person every other time.I hope the points i have articulated will help. Enjoy, i’m off to shoot a two-day wedding.

The Mix Genius.

I had the opportunity of shooting Dj Sadiq towards the end of December. Personally, i am his fan. I love his mixes considering he mixes my kind of music pretty well.

I decided to go all out with my lighting. I used a red and blue gel blended together and a speedlight on camera right.

I preferred it that way considering he is in entertainment and felt it could relate pretty well with his field. If you have gone for any concert or music event, there are always colored gels on stage. Yes, i was aiming for that feel.

He recently had an event on friday the 27th and you may have seen posters with this particular photo 🙂

I loved this particular shot of him with the vinyl record.

And finally, i had to make a few portraits of him without his turntable, only accesorized with his headphones.

And yes, this is the poster i was talking about. To be honest, i love how my images appear on print than on Pc. Why? I just don’t know,not just yet.

The Janet collection preview

First and foremost, i am glad to be back. Since my site was re-designed, my blog had a few issues which took longer than expected to be fixed but i can say that has all been sorted out now. I had the opportunity to shoot Janet Mbuguah, the very popular news anchor for Citizen Tv.

This shoot is just a preview of a collection, the Janet collection between her and wambui mukenyi. You can see her site here.

I used the red gel against the background and the effect was amazing. I am now an addict of gels, the effect is to die for.

I then changed to the blue gell for a different feel. I just loved the way light bounced off her skin.

I want to play with the gels a little bit more and see the various effects i can get with them.

As we were wrapping up, i asked to take a few close-ups. This shot right her just did it for me. The light distribution quite blew me away.

And finally, i just had to take a photo with her. Memories are made of this…errr…for a photographer 🙂

Ms. Cecilia Mwangi.

I had the opportunity to shoot for pregnant magazine issue 42 with the Nikon D7000 and i have to say, i love this machine.

The white balance was just perfect for me. It does not have extreme yellows like my previous camera, the Nikon D90.

I also love the sharpness from this Nikon. They tend to be so crisp at times i am usually forced to reduce the sharpness level on the camera.

The shoot location was Southern Sun, previously Holiday Inn. Well, I didn’t have the chance to sample their pork ribs but i wouldn’t mind at all.

Cecilia Mwangi was previously a model and so she was really able to work her angles well, as much as she kept saying she had forgotten.

Want to read more on her? Grab a copy of this month’s Pregnant Magazine 🙂