The Nyaribo TT Drags and Gymkhana.

As  photographer, i believe it’s important to shoot something that you love, even if you are not being paid for it. With time, you shall get paid for it. I am a lover of performance cars and when an opportunity to capture them comes up, i go out of my way to do that. Nyaribo TT was a first of it’s kind considering no such event had ever been held at this airstrip before. dsc_5116_easyhdr-basic-2 dsc_5127_easyhdr-basic-2 dsc_5129_easyhdr-basic-2

Nyaribo is a few kilometers away from Nyeri town. The weather was just perfect, in particular the details in the clouds. I knew i was going to get such amazing images from this location.

dsc_5139_easyhdr-basic-2 dsc_5150_easyhdr-basic-2 dsc_5163_easyhdr-basic-2 dsc_5176_easyhdr-basic-2

The event was thrilling. The first day was the gymkhana, where you go around cones strategically placed on the track in the fastest time possible. The surface provided quite a challenge considering it had quite a bit of gravel.

dsc_5193_easyhdr-basic-2 dsc_5207_easyhdr-basic-2 dsc_5220_easyhdr-basic-2 dsc_5224_easyhdr-basic-2 dsc_5253_easyhdr-basic-2 dsc_5256_easyhdr-basic-2 dsc_5259_easyhdr-basic-2 dsc_5273_easyhdr-basic-2

It was quite interesting to see these machines being pushed to their limits.

dsc_5293_easyhdr-basic-2 dsc_5300_easyhdr-basic-2 dsc_5306_easyhdr-basic-2 dsc_5314_easyhdr-basic-2 dsc_5317_easyhdr-basic-2 dsc_5320_easyhdr-basic-2 dsc_5338_easyhdr-basic-2 dsc_5404_easyhdr-basic-2

Towards 3pm, the weather started to change. The floodgates of heaven were getting ready to open so the drivers and fans alike had to brace themselves for the worst….or better maybe?

dsc_5440_easyhdr-basic-2 dsc_5454_easyhdr-basic-2 dsc_5467_easyhdr-basic-2 dsc_5482_easyhdr-basic-2 dsc_5490_easyhdr-basic-2 dsc_5497_easyhdr-basic-2 dsc_5514_easyhdr-basic-2 dsc_5525_easyhdr-basic-2 dsc_5532_easyhdr-basic-2 dsc_5537_easyhdr-basic-2 dsc_5558_easyhdr-basic-2 dsc_5590_easyhdr-basic-2 dsc_5604_easyhdr-basic-2 dsc_5651_easyhdr-basic-2 dsc_5653_easyhdr-basic-2 dsc_5669_easyhdr-basic-2 dsc_5689_easyhdr-basic-2 dsc_5698_easyhdr-basic-2 dsc_5708_easyhdr-basic-2 dsc_5713_easyhdr-pro-2 dsc_5717_easyhdr-basic-2 dsc_5729_easyhdr-basic-2 dsc_5731_easyhdr-basic-2

Quite a number of drivers were losing control in the rain but in a good way if i may say so. When the event was over, i went over to the drivers section and decided to capture a few more photos.

dsc_5762_easyhdr-basic-2 dsc_5779_easyhdr-basic-2 dsc_5784_easyhdr-basic-2

Day two was the drags event and boy wasn’t it interesting. The cars we thought were fast were not that fast after all.dsc_5819 dsc_5829_easyhdr-basic-2 dsc_5830_easyhdr-basic-2 dsc_5835_easyhdr-basic-2 dsc_5838_easyhdr-basic-2 dsc_5847_easyhdr-basic-2 dsc_5861_easyhdr-basic-2 dsc_5895_easyhdr-basic-2 dsc_5904_easyhdr-basic-2 dsc_5908_easyhdr-basic-2

When the event was over, i noticed one of the participants in his Nissan Gtr having a go at the track on his own. Let’s just say i had to time this particular shot and guess what? I was able to capture it.




A Sauti Sol Affair

Goethe institute have a monthly event called the Ngoma Jazz festival. This past weekend, they were celebrating their anniversary and had Sauti Sol and Sage perform on Saturday from 6pm.

I shall post today on Sauti Sol. I loved the light set-up. I love the idea that they made effort as it created the ambiance i had so desired.

It was my very first time to watch them perform live and i was blown away. They were seated all through, no movements at all.

They went on to talk about how their first paying gig was at the same place to whom they’ve become right now. I have to admit, this group has quite the stage presence.

Anyway, I’ve always loved concert photography and i shall be doing more of this as time goes by. No need for flash at all, just available light and high ISO’s 😀