Language of light: Part 3

Hi once again. I am grateful i have time on my hands at the moment as the super busy season is fast approaching. For the particular shoots today, i still had to work with the sun both in the morning and evening. But first, let us start with the morning shoot.

The skies this particular morning were not as exciting to my eyes. So, i opted to improvise a bit as you can see above.

I liked how this particular photos gave me ideas for a corporate shoot. Ideally, i shoot corporate portraits against a plain background but i see how possible it is to shoot against a lively background also. Point to note.

As we progressed with the shoot, we got some visitors who usually like riding their bicycles at this location. They had to join in.

Crossing over to the sunset shoot, it got even more interesting.

The beauty about a project shoot is that you get to flex your muscles as much as you can to achieve the desired results. No restrictions whatsoever.

Well, the experimenting never stops so expect more for sure. Thanks for dropping by 🙂

Language of light: Part 2

Introducing part two of my ongoing series. Today we shall be focussing more on working with the sun. But first, here are a few without the sun involved.

One of the biggest lessons i picked from this project was how to make the Sun my ally. Ideally, i used to hate the midday or early afternoon sun.

Not anymore. I have now learnt to utilize it to make amazing images. It gets better when the skyline is dull. I add a little drama to it.

The same day, i shot a bridal gown with the evening sun. It was a whole different experience.

The cold season is here so let me brighten up your day more with these sunset shots.

I’ve got plenty more to share from the project. Should be uploading more soon.

Language of light: Part 1

Hi Everyone. It has been a minute, and for the right reasons :-). All in all, I have been quite busy shooting a personal project besides doing paid assignments.

I shall try to avoid using photography jargon as much as possible so help me God. This project was birthed out of a need to actualize some skills i had learned over the months. For a while i was not really content with my photography and did something about it.

A big part of my photography is lighting. I love to use light to create moods and tones and above all, give the image life. I have learnt so many things in just a month a a half alone of shooting the project.

Personal projects are opportunities for growth for me. Why? Because i can mess up all i want and learn from it. So, let us just say it has not been smooth sailing. What you are seeing here is because i have put in time and a lot of late nights.

Ideally, i am passion oriented. Everything in my life is passion driven, right down to the car i drive. So January came and God amazingly reignited this passion in me that had been burning in mediocrity for a while.

As you can see, i love to use the ‘rule of thirds’. That is another part of my style. I like the subject towards the edge of the photo, so that you get to see the detailed background and other elements of the image.

My photography shall be taking this direction henceforth so expect a lot. The project has been happening for a while and i don’t see myself stopping so that i keep my creativity going.

I have been uploading sneak pics on my Facebook and Instagram page. I figured though that it would only be fair so show more of what i have been capturing. One or two photos is just never enough.

The whole aim of the project was to learn how to work with light creatively, and it has been an interesting .experience. Yes, i am just getting started. The project has hit day 12 so i have plenty of content to share in the coming weeks if not months.

You can always check my Facebook fan page here for more, and my Instagram page @leonphotographer

Until next time, God bless.


A Ngong town Photo session.

It’s amazing how much variety shooting on location can provide you with. There is never shortage of ideas, and this shoot was one of them. Her name is Natasha, a very good friend of mine that i met through one of my many petrol head friends. We had discussed this shoot for quite sometime, and an opportunity finally arose.

She fronted the idea that we do the shoot at her mum’s place at Ngong town. Her mum’s place has got very well grown plantation and i was ecstatic.

I had bought a new modifier a while back for my lights and had never used it. It works best for a single person portrait and she was the perfect candidate.

Nairobi’s weather has been pretty unpredictable of late so i had to adapt to that by continually adjusting my settings. This time though, the sun didn’t interfere with my shots in any way.

Behind all the calm and sweet girl is another side of her. Natasha loves adrenaline. And i mean, the insane type in my opinion. This is why: Bikes.

She is a lover of everything fast, more so bikes. She has plans of getting one in due time and even invest in the best gear.

An hour and  a half later and we were done. I am excited about the places i shall get to shoot in 2017. The year is pretty much over. All in all, see you in the next blog post. Adios.



The changing faces of my Studio shoots.

I started doing studio shoots back in 2010. It’s been quite the journey of learning, making mistakes and growth. My hardest of them all was nailing the white seamless background. I was so obsessed with it but getting it right was quite the uphill task.


I am quite passionate about my work and that meant me going to quite some lengths to learn. I am self taught though. I learnt how to shoot on a white background over the internet. And boy did it take a while.


But guess what? I finally got it right. It’s a skill that stuck at the tip of my finger tips since then. I was just breaking down my journey a bit just to describe where i was coming from. I appreciate journeys, they mold a person.


All in all, it has been amazing with its challenges. I gave me quite the opportunity to shoot different people. I really got to learn people are different too, and that is the beauty about my job: Diversity. Fore example, i got a chance to shoot actors as seen below:

dsc_1418 dsc_1488

Other times, i did family portraits. There was a time i had considered quitting to shoot such though. It has been one of my most difficult. But the emotion captured always drew me back. So i decided to continue doing family portraits after all.

dsc_3546 dsc_4135

My friend in the next picture was very shy. She had never really done a studio shoot before. But she nailed it well, i believe.


Deejays were not left behind on this one.


And so were fashion shoots, i shot quite a variety on this particular category. Gallery urbano have been quite the loyal client, check out their social media pages. They have got quite some awesome collection.

dsc_5545 dsc_5636 dsc_6123 dsc_6152

Shooting a photographer has its level of pressure. You are shooting someone with a keen eye as you so delivery has to be top notch. His name is Kimachia whom i use sometimes as a second shooter for my weddings. Cool fellow he is.


Babies were not left behind on this one either.


And so were some personal shoots, including my friend sly.

dsc_8270 dsc_9048

Some were downright personal, like the most awesome and coolest person i have come to know. It was so amazing capturing her in her element.


So there you have it. I shall still be doing the same kind of shoots, just not in a studio anymore. I am excited since i have had ideas for quite a while that i have wanted to execute for my on-location shoots. Only time will tell. Studio shoots….adios. See you out there 🙂


Let’s go on tour..

After almost a 2 month hiatus, i am glad to be back! Many have bugged me….others have wanted to lynch me for the lack of not having a blog! Let’s just say spammers had their way and they had me tumbling down for a moment there.

I have a lot of work to post, so keep your eyes open. I love my work to be associated with light, thus the above pic. I did a promo shoot for a gospel artist known as Kevo Juice. He is planning to go on tour and as usual, an artist should have a deejay with him for his tours, though not in all circumstances. The shoot was so much fun…i did majority of the directing so best believe we were laughing all the way.

They wanted photos that portrayed the artist and his deejay. I asked deejay gee gee( dj’s name) if he had come with a vinyl record but unfortunately, he hadn’t thought of it (he needs to be whooped for real…how now?). So we had to make do with what was available and my headphones came in handy at this point.

I am slowly loving the red gel of late. It adds a very nice tone to the skin, a kind of tone I normally see on medium format cameras only. I had been wanting to achieve that and finally i have 🙂

Overall, i am glad my skill in lighting has grown tremendously.