A ‘Kiamburing’ Pregnancy shoot.

Some of you may wonder the meaning of the word ‘Kiamburing’. Well, it’s a term used among the petrol head community in Kenya for a car event that happens right after Kiambu, or ‘twisties’ if you are a biker. The advantage of being a petrol head also is that we get to do a lot of spirited drives and while at it, i have spotted quite a few places that i can be using for my shoots.



I fronted this idea to my client and they were up for it. It was my first time but since i had been to this place enough times, picking spots was not that hard. First, this place is cold and has like it’s own weather patterns.dsc_2392 dsc_2403

It was important that i capture the bond during this shoot. That to me is very important. At the end of the day, this family loves and cares for each other and i had to make that evident without forcing it.

dsc_2406 dsc_2409 dsc_2412 dsc_2414

Their daughter could really pose. She was a natural.


Finally, we headed for a spot that showcased the beautiful tea plantation growing there.

dsc_2424 dsc_2427 dsc_2437 dsc_2438

The midday sun that i don’t like that much started to show up and so i had to hurry up. All in all, we were able to get all the shots as planned.

dsc_2445 dsc_2449

The place has so much potential so i look forward to doing many more shoots there. Stay blessed 🙂


The changing faces of my Pregnancy shoots.


Pregnancy shoots are just one of my favorite kinds of photography ever. There is so much to capture while the subject being photographed is still. Anyways, i have done quite a number of pregnancy shoots that i was yet to showcase. I would want to blog each shoot individually but time does not allow. I felt it would be best to combine some of my best shoots. Enjoy 🙂

dsc_0119 dsc_0396


I did one in town and look forward to doing more. The buildings in town provide a beautiful backdrop, just don’t shoot near an embassy or you will get in trouble like i did.

dsc_9638 dsc_9649

dsc_5787 dsc_5877 dsc_9742 dsc_9743

So i have somewhat sad news. I shall be closing down my studio at the end of September. Sad to say but had to be done so that i focus strictly on-location shoots. I’ve gotten really nice shots in studio but i always found it limiting and since i am looking to grow my art, i have had to walk away from it. I am excited about this new journey to be honest shooting on-location whether at someone’s house or at an outside location. Well, here are a few of my studio favorite pregnancy shots:

dsc_2452 dsc_2865


dsc_5467 dsc_8681 dsc_9039


I shall miss studio photography for sure. All in all, see you next week 🙂

The Kiruthi’s Pregnancy shoot

I have been meaning to blog this shoot that i did sometime back in 2015. The Kiruthi’s are good friends of mine and i am always up to the task when they call me up to do their shoot. They chose a very creative location on your way to Narok, beautiful place. The advantage of shooting photographers is that they already have ideas.Gathoni-032 Gathoni-041 Gathoni-044

Ben made me shoot Canon, which is not my favorite brand. They have got good cameras though, i love my Nikon nonetheless. We started at around 4pm, just when the sun was about to settle. The fact that the shoot was smack in the middle of the small town made it even more interesting.

Gathoni-053 Gathoni-061 Gathoni-070 Gathoni-076 Gathoni-094 Gathoni-097

The locals were very cooperative and we had no issues at all. We then set for another location, this time not far from the roadside.

Gathoni-106 Gathoni-121 Gathoni-124 Gathoni-129 Gathoni-136 Gathoni-138

The sun began to set, my favorite time of the shoot.

Gathoni-144 Gathoni-149 Gathoni-153  Gathoni-162

I tried to get as many shots as possible during the brief time we had while the sun set.

Gathoni-172 Gathoni-176 Gathoni-194

We spotted a nice piece of land across the road that we thought we could utilize. This is what we came up with:

Gathoni-202 Gathoni-208 Gathoni-216 Gathoni-226 Gathoni-231

Congratulations to you both on your cute daughter, Imani. Hope you enjoyed the post :-).