Going black and white?

Yes and No. Yes because i feel that sometimes color in a photo distracts the viewer from the real message of the image. No because some images are purely amazing in color. But i shall be doing a lot of black and white photography posts, as much as the client is going to get their images in color, unless they’ve requested otherwise.

The photo-session for this wedding happened after the reception. After this experiences i learnt it’s better that way as the shoot goes smoothly without rushing it.

Better yet, the four o’clock weather onwards is usually perfect. There’s no worrying about harsh shadows at all.

This was my best photo-session this year. It was organized, not rushed one bit and had a director to it. No time was wasted at all.

The focus then shifted to the bride and groom. Enjoy 😀

So i was playing with my lights in the studio and struck gold, so i think. I love my photos to have a certain dark mood to it. To be honest i had tried to achieve this for a long time, but i did it. I can’t wait to do shoots from tommorrow using this light set-up.

It’s bound to come off pretty dark if your monitor is not well calibrated. Stay blessed 🙂