Language of light: Part 1

Hi Everyone. It has been a minute, and for the right reasons :-). All in all, I have been quite busy shooting a personal project besides doing paid assignments.

I shall try to avoid using photography jargon as much as possible so help me God. This project was birthed out of a need to actualize some skills i had learned over the months. For a while i was not really content with my photography and did something about it.

A big part of my photography is lighting. I love to use light to create moods and tones and above all, give the image life. I have learnt so many things in just a month a a half alone of shooting the project.

Personal projects are opportunities for growth for me. Why? Because i can mess up all i want and learn from it. So, let us just say it has not been smooth sailing. What you are seeing here is because i have put in time and a lot of late nights.

Ideally, i am passion oriented. Everything in my life is passion driven, right down to the car i drive. So January came and God amazingly reignited this passion in me that had been burning in mediocrity for a while.

As you can see, i love to use the ‘rule of thirds’. That is another part of my style. I like the subject towards the edge of the photo, so that you get to see the detailed background and other elements of the image.

My photography shall be taking this direction henceforth so expect a lot. The project has been happening for a while and i don’t see myself stopping so that i keep my creativity going.

I have been uploading sneak pics on my Facebook and Instagram page. I figured though that it would only be fair so show more of what i have been capturing. One or two photos is just never enough.

The whole aim of the project was to learn how to work with light creatively, and it has been an interesting .experience. Yes, i am just getting started. The project has hit day 12 so i have plenty of content to share in the coming weeks if not months.

You can always check my Facebook fan page here for more, and my Instagram page @leonphotographer

Until next time, God bless.