The changing faces of my Studio shoots.

I started doing studio shoots back in 2010. It’s been quite the journey of learning, making mistakes and growth. My hardest of them all was nailing the white seamless background. I was so obsessed with it but getting it right was quite the uphill task.


I am quite passionate about my work and that meant me going to quite some lengths to learn. I am self taught though. I learnt how to shoot on a white background over the internet. And boy did it take a while.


But guess what? I finally got it right. It’s a skill that stuck at the tip of my finger tips since then. I was just breaking down my journey a bit just to describe where i was coming from. I appreciate journeys, they mold a person.


All in all, it has been amazing with its challenges. I gave me quite the opportunity to shoot different people. I really got to learn people are different too, and that is the beauty about my job: Diversity. Fore example, i got a chance to shoot actors as seen below:

dsc_1418 dsc_1488

Other times, i did family portraits. There was a time i had considered quitting to shoot such though. It has been one of my most difficult. But the emotion captured always drew me back. So i decided to continue doing family portraits after all.

dsc_3546 dsc_4135

My friend in the next picture was very shy. She had never really done a studio shoot before. But she nailed it well, i believe.


Deejays were not left behind on this one.


And so were fashion shoots, i shot quite a variety on this particular category. Gallery urbano have been quite the loyal client, check out their social media pages. They have got quite some awesome collection.

dsc_5545 dsc_5636 dsc_6123 dsc_6152

Shooting a photographer has its level of pressure. You are shooting someone with a keen eye as you so delivery has to be top notch. His name is Kimachia whom i use sometimes as a second shooter for my weddings. Cool fellow he is.


Babies were not left behind on this one either.


And so were some personal shoots, including my friend sly.

dsc_8270 dsc_9048

Some were downright personal, like the most awesome and coolest person i have come to know. It was so amazing capturing her in her element.


So there you have it. I shall still be doing the same kind of shoots, just not in a studio anymore. I am excited since i have had ideas for quite a while that i have wanted to execute for my on-location shoots. Only time will tell. Studio shoots….adios. See you out there ­čÖé