The Tunisian experience

Yes, i shoot landscapes and sceneries when i can. I am not known to photograph such but an opportunity came up and i was not about to let it go.

I had been asked to cover a 5 day conference for GSK that was happening at safari park for the first 3 days then later on we were meant to travel to other tourist destinations in Kenya.

I was roaming around safari park hotel as the guests were having dinner. I love capturing sceneries at night, i love the deep contrasts that come with it. Here is where it gets interesting:

I used to see wallpapers with such an effect and wonder how it was achieved. Well, one word: Slow shutter speed.

I later joined the guests where they were having dinner. They ate their sumptuous meal as they got entertained by the safari cat dancers.

On Thursday, we left for a different destination. I really enjoyed traveling to be honest. It felt good to be away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

On Friday, we headed to Nyeri & passed by their national park briefly.

After that, we headed to the Mount Kenya Safari club. That place is so chilly but amazing at the same time. We reached at 6pm and i immediately grabbed my camera and tripod, 70-200mm lens and ready to shoot.

I got to admit the shot above was my favorite. I captured all the scenery shots in raw so that i can use them not only now but in future for other projects.

And that just sums up the whole experience. It ended at the giraffe center.



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  1. Forskjellen mellom vanlige alarmsystemer og innbruddsalarmer
    er at de sistnevnte slås på og av daglig og kan skille mellom hvem
    som har adgang og hvem som ikke har det.

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