Throwback: A Surprise Proposal.

Sometime in the month of October 2016, i had the privilege of shooting a real engagement. There is the usual engagement shoot that we photographers do for our wedding clients, then there is this.

There was nothing scripted about it in any way. I could not do any form of lighting setup as it would have given away the surprise. I had never met the boyfriend but he was quite the cool dude. Calm too he was, despite the jitters.

The boyfriend hatched a plot with his fiancee’s sister on how to make the proposal happen. He was to bring her for a day of salon treatment. She was down for it and i’m sure most ladies would want to be treated like so by their men. Anyways, i got to arrive just as she was having her manicure done. The owner of Aleeza’s executive Spa, beauty and barber assured her that the photos was for the company’s social media promotions. You can check out the place here.

A few of the staff were aware and did a good job to facilitate the process. As she was getting her hair done, look at what follows next.

She then opens her eyes and looks at the mirror, wondering why a group of people with phones and a big camera are capturing stills of her.

It then hit her. His loving boyfriend is proposing 🙂

The element of surprise was real. All this time, i had locked my focus and just kept on snapping away. I didn’t want to miss any moment at all.

It took a while to sink in. She honestly could not believe and did not know how to react.

Overwhelming joy followed and i won’t lie, i was busy smiling behind the camera.

She said yes and he put a ring on it.

The clients at the place were quite elated for them too. I had to literally fight the urge of keeping my camera away and congratulating them. Every moment mattered.

After that, i had requested that i do a small shoot of them right outside the establishment. I found a corridor and away we proceeded with the photo session.

I love to shoot couples in their natural self so posing them was not going to cut for me. But yes, i gave them a proper direction to take. They oozed so much chemistry, you should have seen the envy on my face.

It was only fair i take a shot of the sisters too.

3rd wheeling Yes? No? Ok, bye.